• Where to go

    To Heywood Hill, (which I believe is the best, most charming bookshop in London) where the latest ruse to lure folk into blissful curling up in an armchair with a good book, is a series of 'Reading Journeys'. 

    Four writers (Clive Aslet, William Boyd, Jung Chang and Max Hastings) have chosen the 12 books they consider to be the most pertinent required reading for their specialist subject - which are then delivered, one per month, with a unique introduction to each book.

    It's a dream present for fellow bibliophiles or for yourself (whoever coined the phrase 'Christmas is a time for giving', never specified who is on the receiving end.)  And if you're feeling a bit bushed midway through the bustle of your West End shopping excursion, Heywood Hill is a great spot for a rest in one of the comfy armchairs, a pile of books at your elbow.  Or if you're lucky enough, Director Nicky Dunne may invite you to the newly decorated basement 'club room' for in-depth chats about the right mix of antiquarian and contemporary books for your own library. 

    Reading Journeys: Grand Tours for the mind - subscriptions start from £225 


    Or speak to a bookseller on 020 7629 0647

  • What to buy

    When you've suffered the blinking inconvenience of having your luggage lost on a long haul trip, you will forever do the following things;

    1. Never buy a black suitcase.

    2. If you do have a black suitcase cover it in stickers, coloured ribbons, cheerleader pompoms… anything to make it stand out from the crowd.

    3. Pack your crisis essentials (clean underwear, a bikini, a sarong etc…) rolled up in your hand luggage.

    When my suitcase once vanished somewhere on a trip from London to Bali to LA - I'd done none of the above.  But had I been going to a One & Only resort things would have been different.  As part of the celebrations for One & Only's 10 year anniversary they have created 'Limited Edition', a capsule fashion collection by ten spiffing designers including Orlebar Brown, Charlotte Olympia, Linda Farrow and Talitha. 

    Which means that when you arrive at one of the world's seven One & Only hotspots (including Maldives, Mauritius and Los Cabos), not only will you not mind if your bag goes astray (behind those rubbery, hanging flaps in the mysterious airport-world of luggage treadmills) but you'll be secretly pleased it's gone for a wander. 


  • What to do

    Ideally, Sundays are for slurping fishbowl-sized Bombay Sapphire gin & tonics and putting your feet up on someone else's sofa. That's why Old Vic Tunnels director Hamish Jenkinson presciently paired with The Club at the Ivy and Bombay Sapphire to create 'Sunday Wise'. 

    On the last, you guessed it, Sunday of every month, Hamish curates a day of speakers, musicians, poets and comedians to excite, inspire and edify. If any of this conjures up thoughts of grey-slab schoolrooms and shrill bespectacled lecturers, fear not.  Cerebral, perhaps, but this is low-slung-jeans and beanie-hat-casual.  Subjects range from Scientology to interior design and only speakers who speak candidly, comfortably and, most importantly, unpatronisingly are brought in. Eg. Theatre director Michael Attenborough expounding on the importance of the arts, lighting guru Alex Randall explaining how you can have a flock of white doves flying across your living room and Made in Peckham designers Jan Hendzel and Oscar Hunt on how they've pressed fast-forward with their 24-hour design challenge. 

    Expertly scheduled, so that just as you're feeling well-oiled with gin, it's lunchtime. Then back to the club for an injection of comedy.  Sunday Wise: it's the best way to stave off the Sunday blues


    By Bridget Arsenault

    Sunday Wise and The Club at The Ivy offer all Vanity Fair A-List subscribers the chance to win one pair of tickets to Sunday Wise on Sunday 24th November, including lunch at The Ivy, (total value £170). To enter this prize draw, please email your details (name, address, email, telephone) to press@caprice-holdings.co.uk by 12pm on Friday 15th November. Terms and conditions apply.