• What to see

    The ether remains consistently abuzz with the mesmerizing genius of Lucian Freud.

    This week at Sotheby's, 'Head on a Green Sofa' sold for £2.9million. Also up for sale a stash of never-before published letters, written by a 21-year-old Lucian to his first girlfriend and fellow student Felicity Hellaby.

    Meanwhile on Savile Row, 'A Not So Still Life' opened last week at Luxembourg & Dayan.  Alongside works by Marcel Duchamp, Max Beckmann and Otto Dix are two paintings made at the later end of Freud's life, 'Naked Portrait in a Red Chair' (1999) and 'David and Eli' (2003-04).

    But for a less formal, non-gallery experience then it's about lunch at Clarke's on Kensington Church Street, the restaurant just a few doors down from the house Freud lived in.   Restaurant owner Sally Clarke has recently finished remodelling the space; the shop is now over the road, the old shop has become an all-day bar, and the cloakrooms have become a new dining room called The Garden Room, a spot where you can feast on Sally Clarke's excellent food, while gazing at the walls hung with five drawings by Freud.


  • What to buy

    More great stuff from the newly invigorated Conran Shop, which this week opened a pop-up 'Conran Clinic'.

    The Luis Barragán-blue painted shop-within-a-shop is packed with meticulously curated beauty products. Look out for the rough jewel Soap Stones by Pelle designs, nine new unisex scents created by Tom Daxon or Dose Color Pill nail polish by StrangeBeautiful.

    Make time for a cuppa or a cold-pressed juice in the wooden hut tea house and consider smashing the chocolate-filled 'Break In Case of Emergency' cabinets. Clever Jasper Conran - for making shopping fun again. 


  • What to see

    Famed for writing the Maggie Thatcher biopic screenplay The Iron Lady, Abi Morgan's latest work opened at The Royal Court this week.

    Based on a true story and adapted from a novel of the same name, The Mistress Contract tells the tale of a couple who maintain an affair lasting 30 years that includes the unusual addition of a contract drawn up by the staunch feminist female character (known only as 'she') for her male lover (known as 'he').

    If you like your theatre punchy, thought-provoking and…short, then this is the play for you. An intense 90 mins, which leaves plenty of time for a post-mortem at the Royal Court's Café Bar, or supper at Colbert next door.

    The Mistress Contract until 22nd March

    The Royal Court Theatre offered all Vanity Fair A-List subscribers the chance to win a pair of tickets to The Mistress Contract, the play text and a copy of the memoir. Don't miss out on future offers,  sign up to the A-List.