• Who to know

    When I showed up for a SkinCeutical's facial at Body Works West, I was not expecting my therapist to have supermodel looks. But then it turns out that Naturopathic doctor Nigma Talib is a bit special, and does a lot more than just make her male and female clients skin glow.

    The drop dead beauty explained, "The key is to find the root of the cause and not just treat the topical symptoms. If someone's skin isn't great then I look at all the contributing factors, internally as well as externally and run the appropriate tests."

    I was there specifically for a facial, which was truly excellent (a combination of medical diamond microdermabrasion, red LED light therapy which is often used by NASA and atheletes to heal injuries, a collagen mask with hyaluronic acid, all finished off with SkinCeutical products - a vitamin C firming mask, phytocorrective serum and phloretin). My skin was squeaky clean and so very soft. But during the facial I had an 'ailment corner' session with Nigma. I told her about all the areas where I feel that my body is underperforming and have booked in for a follow up, which will include acupuncture and various tests for my 'could do better' health.

    There's a reason why Nigma has a cult following in her homeland of Canada. And since she moved to London four years ago, momentum has been gathering. So my advice is this; book in now and catch Nigma while you can… before 'her shit blows up', as they say in Hollywood.

    Body Works West, tel: 020 7792 8073

  • Where to go

    Sitting at a 1890 Doulton & Co. urinal having a cup of tea and a sandwich sounds peculiar. In fact it sounds revolting. But visiting The Attendant, a new coffee shop in a disused public lavatory in Fitzrovia, was unexpectedly charming.

    The Attendant is the work of Pete Tomlinson and his business partner Ben Russell who one day, whilst quaffing a pint in the pub on the corner of Great Titchfield Street and Foley Street, were discussing how Fitzrovia needed a great coffee bar and New York style sandwiches. They looked up from their pints and noticed a To Let sign, right there, on the beautiful iron work of an old Victorian gentlemen's convenience.

    Of course, the landlord was tickled by Pete and Ben's hair-brained idea. And he went for it. Soon the underground space, disused since the 80s, was being industrially cleaned and converted (making sure to keep all the original metro tiles, urinals and the black and white floor) to house a perfect, tiny coffee shop.

    Ingredients have been meticulously sourced; the milk comes from one of 120 jersey cows at the Ivy House Farm in Somerset, the smoked turkey comes from family run farm Adlington's in Norfolk and the 'artisan coffee' is from The Caravan Roastery.

    So while the idea of getting breakfast or lunch in a public toilet might feel wrong, once you've tried the almond milk porridge or The Attendant's smoked turkey sandwich with avocado whip in ciabatta - it feels so right.

    27a Foley Street, London, W1W 6DY

  • What to do

    It's almost impossible to get hold of the gloriously named Aila Baila. She's head of a dance troupe called The Bee's Knees (which I s'pose makes her Queen Bee?) and right now she's a jolly busy… bee.

    "We're rehearsing for the launch of Future Cinema's Casablanca", she explains, for which I immediately forgive the endless calls made, only to find myself chatting to an answer machine. (www.futurecinema.co.uk is the v. cool 50-quid-a-pop 'interactive cinema experience', a spin-off from visionary Fabien Riggall's super successful Secret Cinema.)

    But when not rehearsing for 'Dick's Bar', Aila and her bees will be teaching willing non-dancers to Charleston a la Gatsby, in the divinely deco surrounds of Claridges. According to Aila, it doesn't matter how many left feet you have, it's about being up for it and letting go.

    Doll-up in a bit of vintage, slip on some heels "not too high and with ankle straps so they don't fly off when you're doing kicks and flicks ," advises Aila and by the end of the two-hour class you'll have learnt an entire dance routine. Which could be the first of many.

    To book please call +44 (0)20 7201 1618 or email Charleston@claridges.co.uk

    The Claridge's Charleston masterclasses in partnership with The Bee's Knees are available once a month on the following dates: 25th February, 18th March, 15th April and 13th May 2013. Each class is priced at £125 per person and lasts 120 minutes. The classes will take place between 6.30-8:30pm and attendees will be able to enjoy a cocktail at the end of the session.

    Claridges and The Bee's Knees offered all Vanity Fair A-List members the chance to win a 2 hour Charleston masterclass on 25th February (worth £125). Don't miss out on future offers, sign up to the A-List.