• What to buy

    Every so often a beauty product emerges from the hocus-pocus laboratories, that is so unfathomably clever, it's just not worth trying to unpick the science. 

    Estée Lauder's new CC Creme is just that.  Squeeze the pleasingly space-age silver tube and out slithers a grey tinged cream.  But gently massage into your skin and the cream transforms to match your skin tone.  Yes really.  Your very own complexion, but better.  And somehow this wonder product is a one-size fits all; it works on almost any skin tone in the world.  Apparently the magic is thanks to 'innovative tint release pigments' - a secret stash of tiny bubbles of colour that burst in contact with skin, giving just the right amount of tint.  So no more tide-lines, mismatched colour like bad paint sampling or the tedium of swopping over summer and winter products.  

    And there's more good stuff in this little tube... IntuiGen Technology, which guesses the skin's anti-aging needs, as well as an SPF10, and anti-irritants and anti-oxidants including vitamin E and caffeine. 

    This CC Creme is symbolic of a new generation of smart, simple, time-saving beauty.  Whoever's mixing this stuff up is my kind of wizard.   

    Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme CC Creme, SPF 10, 30 ml RRP £44


  • What to wear

    The Savile Row vicinity got a carnival shake up this week.

    Limoland, the joyous clothing and accessories label created by colourful founder Johnny Pigozzi, took over the haberdashery store of esteemed tailors Anderson and Sheppard.

    The street was filled with a steel band, Caribbean canapés and umbrella cocktails. Inside, the chic shop was barely recognizable, bursting with Pigozzi's trademark installations of animal inflatables, palm trees and E-number coloured wares… a cacophony of camo print shirts, elephant pocket squares, sail boat bikinis and tongue-firmly-in-cheek t-shirts that read 'Rich Old Man' or 'I deserve it'.

    Guests including Mark Ronson, Charlotte Dellal and Amanda Harlech showed up to celebrate Limoland's Resort Collection - apparel for sunflowers not wallflowers.



  • What to do

    Once upon a time, going on safari was a months-long affair that required a fitting with your tailor for a full and appropriate wardrobe that would be shipped on ahead, ready for your arrival in Africa. 

    It's this old-school approach to tailoring, combined with the needs of the modern traveller, that formed the starting point for fomer-milliner and costume designer Caroline Hickman, when starting her safari outfitters company Hickman & Bousfield.

    Hickman had recently moved to Botswana, where her boyfriend Ralph Bousfield has several safari camps including Jack's Camp.  Visitors to the camp sometimes arrived without the right gear or hadn't factored in the chilly evenings.  Or sometimes they just wanted to look as safari smart as Ralph himself.  So Caroline designed a slick capsule collection for both men and women that launched last year, including cotton canvas safari jackets, chambray shirtdresses, zebra print kaftans, cotton drill culottes and of course… linen shirts. 

    Hickman & Bousfield wares are just the ticket for exploring the bush, relaxing in the mess tent or generally looking chic when travelling the world.  Cause let's not forget, the word 'safari' originates from the Arabic word 'safara' - meaning 'to travel'.