• What to do

    Hotpod Yoga: it's the antidote to beasting Bikram, and it's set to sweep our skylines.

    Vinyasa yoga practiced in an inflatable, porous pod turned up to a cosy 37C degree heat (compared to Bikram at a gruelling 40 degrees centigrade at 40 percent humidity). The warmth is a triple win; it makes you bendier, gets your heart rate up and increases your metabolism.

    Co-founder Nick Higgins explains, "No one feels intimidated at Hotpod". And indeed there are no burly taskmasters barking rigorous rules, just lithe teachers with dream bodies (oh me, those arms, those abs) - just what you want from your guru.  Pods are blowing up all round town; you'll find them in Brixton, Notting Hill and further afield in Cheshire and Birmingham. And they can be easily deflated, transported and reinflated for private yoga shindigs (swanky businesses including Quintessentially, Harrods, Christie's and JP Morgan are all corporate converts). 

    The newest pod is perched atop Netil House in Hackney. For those who haven't explored it yet, Netil House was a formerly derelict college, that since a facelift has 90 studios bursting with creativity: musicians, filmmakers, painters, acrobats, writers, fashion designers are all here making stuff. So thankfully the slick new AirClad roof pod comfortably fits 25 people - no unsuspecting karate chops when your neighbour moves into warrior pose. The rooftop structure has floor-to-ceiling windows, so sneak a peek during the meditation and slurp in those views of London during your sunrise or sunset practice.

    By Bridget Arsenault

    For further information and bookings www.hotpodyoga.com

    Hotpod Yoga London offers all Vanity Fair A-List members the chance to win a Hotpod Yoga private sunset/sunrise class with up to five friends, with co-founder Nick Higgins at Netil House and a 10-class pass for the roofpod at Netil House for one person (total worth, £350). Don't miss out on future offers, sign up to the A-List.

  • What to buy

    When slinky, stylish model/actress Liberty Ross adds designer to her CV, there's cause for curiosity.

    Liberty's first ever design foray is for Genetic Denim - a tight, six-piece capsule collection inspired by her psychedelic sounding childhood. "I'm British but spent the first eight year of my life in my dad's roller boogie palace in LA where I was exposed to all manner of characters and music, from British Punk to Disco and New Wave, then to Prince and Joni Mitchell," says Ross. 

    The collection includes tartan-knee Moto jeans, a geometric print jacket and strides, a geometric mini skirt and the perfect dungaree dress splattered with gold zips.

    "I have always been a real denim girl," says Ross, "So designing something myself was a complete joy." But the best bit of the whole process? "Seeing the designs actually launch into stores has probably been the most incredible part; after all the months of designing and planning to see people wearing the pieces really is what it is all about."

    Genetic x Liberty Ross is available at Selfridges and net-a-porter.com


  • What to see

    'Do something different' is part of a back-to-school attempt at creating 'my perfect week' (an idea suggested by life changing Life Coach Ed Haddon www.edhaddon.com). Which is how I came to find myself on the rooftop of a multi-storey car park in Peckham, amongst cocktails and a perfect sunset at Frank's Café and Campari Bar - waiting expectantly for the new immersive performance of Titus Andronicus to begin.

    Directed by Pia Furtado and produced by Restless Buddha, this bold, brave performance has scooped up Shakespeare's Rome, and plonked it down in this gritty car park, with none of the usual comforts, trappings or even necessities of a traditional theatre.  "There was nothing here," explains Pia.  "No electricity, no front of house, no seats." But by hook or by crook, Furtado's made it work.

    The strong-looking, young cast seem energized by their urban environment and possibly influenced by the 1979 film The Warriors. Particularly impressive are Adam Burton (Titus) and Christine Entwisle (Tamora). The cast work easily amongst the brutal surroundings, crawling along the roof, dancing across battered cars and unphased by the regular rattle of the tube speeding by. It's no surprise that Furtado's actors include a collection of parkour practitioners and BellaTrix beatboxers all of whom are choreographed by Temujin Gill (London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony) working to deliver an unrelenting energy to this dark Shakespearean tragedy.

    And for those who run a mile at the word 'immersive', there's no panic. This performance is less audience participation more intimate experience, with the Adidas and Lonsdale-clad actors dressed sprinting in and out of the spectators, occasionally urging the throng to move along or perhaps (if you're lucky/unlucky) a quick handshake or a sweaty hug. 

    Be sure to get there early for a pre-show sundowner while gazing across London's dramatic skyline and remember to hold your nose while walking up the unfragrant stairwell. It's all worth it, for something both joyously and darkly different.

    Titus Andronicus - tickets £19.50/£10 at www.billetto.co.uk/titus-andronicus

    30th August - 21st September

    Bold Tendencies Multi-Storey Car Park, 95a Rye Lane, Peckham SE15 9ST