• What to know

    Years ago I went to interview Jasper Conran at his Bayswater flat. Alongside his humour, the thing that most struck me was how the flat was so effortlessly elegant and perfectly proportioned, without ever being fusty. 

    It's this same lightness of touch that permeates every nook of Jasper Conran's many creations; whether he's designing womenswear, adding wit and chic to The Conran Shop or conjuring up tableware for Wedgwood.

    Since 2001 Jasper Conran has been working with Wedgwood, a true heritage brand who've been designing and making tableware for over 250 years, garnering themselves a Royal Warrant by Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen for tableware and giftware. This week saw the launch of Tisbury, Jasper's newest collection for Wedgwood; pretty fluted details on pure white porcelain, pieces that cleverly bridge the gap between everyday tableware and fancy, formal stuff. 

    As I learnt many years ago, you know what you're getting with Jasper; effortless elegance.


  • What to do

    It's one of life's conundrums; when things gets comfy nothing much progresses. Which is how I was feeling about aspects of my exercise regime. So when Form pilates opened up in Notting Hill, I was one of the first through the door.

    After years of working in LA, Form founders Elissa Elhadj and her husband Jeremy Abadom (who between them are rumoured to train David and Brooklyn Beckham, Al Pacino and model Alessandra Ambrosio) have returned to London - bringing with them their unique workout concept.

    METcore is a 50 minute session in the new Form studios off Portobello Road, using a piece of kit called the MOTR; think foam roller meets pilates reformer, something that looks benign but becomes a monster as it intensely challenges your balance, core and strength. This is followed by a Speed 8 section; just eight minutes of 40 second bursts of High Resistance Training using a Nordic Ski simulator, TRX bands and Kettlebells - followed by 20 seconds of panting rest, stimulating growth hormone and raising the metabollic rate.

    After a one-on-one with the brilliant and encouraging Elissa, I felt elated and ached for the next week. Just what I needed. Welcome to the un-comfort zone. 

    77a Lonsdale Road, London W11 2DF

    Form offers all Vanity Fair A-List subscribers the chance to win a private Form class, and a 10 pack of group classes (total worth £320). Don't miss out on future offers, sign up to the A-List.

  • Where to go

    Doesn't everyone want the 'lifted seat' and 'whittled waist' promised by barrecore founder Niki Rein? Well there's news for those who long to demi-plié in her ballet-based workout class; as Niki opens her fifth studio, in Kensington. 

    Bang on Kensington Church Street, the new space has two basement studio rooms, showers and all the paraphernalia you need for post-class freshen up. Also new is the barreASANA class; a yoga tinctured barre class taught by one of Niki's trainers. (Each trainer has to complete 200 hours of training before they're let loose in a studio.) Obviously for yoga-loving hardcore/barrecore girls this class is the dream; fast-paced, focusing on length through the muscle groups, freeing the spine, toning the limbs and tightening the core. All to spot-on upbeat/downbeat tunes according to the physical rhythm. "The playlist took me as long to create as the class," says Niki. 

    However… I'm not a yoga girl. Hard as I try, the flow thing just ain't happening. So the best thing about barreASANA from my awkward perspective, is the class is practiced in near darkness. And at the end, there's a lovely meditation with a middle-eye stroke from the teacher. So despite being down-dog while the rest of the class was up-dog, no one noticed. Which meant I left barrecore Kensington feeling yoga-calm with a waggy tail.


    barrecore offers all Vanity Fair A-List members the chance to win one private barrecore class and a 10-class pass at barrecore Kensington (total worth £320). Don't miss out on future offers, sign up to the A-List.