• What to see

    London… and with Frieze Art Fair whirling through town this week you can't move for art and it's scene.

    Rather than feel overwhelmed I selected a few shows to see, including Jonas Burgert at Blain Southern (on until 22nd November).

    The 35 year old Burgert is exhibiting massive canvases (the biggest measures 8 metres wide), featuring often quite traumatic subject matter, underpinned with classical structure but contemporized with hits of fluoro paint.

    There are sculptures too, but it's the paintings that are most impactful. And how refreshing to see that figurative painting isn't dead.

    Jonas Burgert, STUCK HIRN BLIND until 22nd November 2014
    Blain Southern, 4 Hanover Square, London W1S 1BP


  • Where to go

    For those (me) who find the contemporary art at Frieze too shouty, Frieze Masters is the elegant opposite.

    And the buzz at this year's show is around the Helly Nahmad stand. Most booths at Frieze Masters are sedately decorated - simply letting the extraordinary art do the talking (eg. a wow! roomful of Francis Bacon paintings at Marlborough Fine Art).

    But Nahmad has done something different; an immersive, narrative installation created by production designer Robin Brown. The space is transformed; a flat belonging to a fictitious man living in Paris in 1968, known simply as 'The Collector'. He lives, surrounded by the detritus of a louche, bon-vivant; an unmade bed, ashtrays filled with hard-smoked Gitanes, and a kitchen sink overflowing with dirty dishes and wine glasses.

    In amongst the piles of books, old Paris Match magazines and pinned posters are mouthwatering art works - including a Lucio Fontana slashed piece above 'The Collector's' desk, a Picasso self-portrait and Giacometti's Trois hommes qui marchent I. It's the dream collection, expensive art, cheap posters - but all pieces that please the owner. The buzz is well-deserved.

    Helly Nahmad Gallery at Frieze Masters, Regents Park, London until 19th October  www.friezemasters.com


    Photograph: by Christopher Tubbs, Courtesy of Helly Nahmad Gallery

  • What to eat

    I'm actually sipping the dream cocktail.  I'm at Goode & Wright where the drinks have been concocted by someone called 'The talented Mr Fox', a moniker he well deserves.  Somehow all my favourite things are in the same glass at the same time; peanut butter, gin, coconut water and curry leaf.

    Goode & Wright opened three years ago on Portobello Road (just a dangerously short hop from my office!)  But there are changes afoot with a new bar at the back of the French bistro-style restaurant and a new director, Alex Herb.

    Head chef Finlay Logan works in the open kitchen making delicious things like seared diver scallop with smoked bath chap and charred pear, or charred mackerel with golden beetroot and horseradish.  But best of all was the buttermilk marinated chicken schnitzel - so tender and so naughty.

    There was no room at the inn for pudding… but I'll be back.

    Goode & Wright, 271 Portobello Road, London W11 1LR
    Tel: 020 7727 5552