• What to know

    The launch of Dom Pérignon's new 2005 vintage is shrouded in secrecy.

    Having matured for nine years at the chateau in France, the latest golden liquid will be presented in a town house somewhere in Holborn. Apparently the pop-up called Les 3 Étages will be transformed to celebrate a specific Dom Pérignon vintage per floor, getting darker and more mysterious the higher up the house you go. One detail that has been released however, is that of the chef: Skye Gyngell (if you haven't been to her Somerset House restaurant Spring yet, get booking.) Gyngell has been charged with divining a menu to match the wines for tastings, lunches and dinners over the weekend of 9th-10th May. 

    Getting hold of Les 3 Étages tickets is equally mysterious. Register your interest on the website and if your application is accepted, only then will the address will be revealed.  

    To register interest for Les 3 Étages tickets for Tasting (from £95), Lunch (from £200) or Dinner (from £250), click here

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  • What to see

    It's understandable why Dutch authorities fought a 10-month battle trying to prevent Laura Dekker from sailing round the world alone. She was just 14, a child, who should be at school.

    But where there are rules, there are exceptions. Maidentrip, the documentary made with footage taken by Dekker on her two-year adventure, tells the tale of one exceptional girl's longing for life on the ocean waves and the freedom of being alone. "I was born on a boat in New Zealand. I spent the first five years of my life at sea. And ever since, all I've wanted to do is return to that life," says Dekker. The film sees her grow up against a backdrop of dreamy rainbows, sunsets and leaping dolphins. But then the weather turns and without parents, friends or a back up boat, Laura has to face the elements alone.

    Maidentrip, which won SXSW Audience Award in 2013, will be shown by The Bright Young Things Film Club on April 23rd at the May Fair Hotel followed by a skype Q&A with the director Jillian Schlesinger.

    To watch the trailer click here
    Tickets, £17.50

  • What to see

    Frocks and movies collide next month, when Icons of Style, a curated film series exploring the role of fashion in American film over three decades, takes place over three nights at Ham Yard Hotel's screening theatre in Soho.

    The series, a collaborative effort between Michael KorsVanity Fair and Fashion & Cinema, starts with a bang. The opening soiree on May 14 includes an on-stage discussion with Michael Kors, Ali MacGraw, Kate Hudson and Rene Russo led by Vanity Fair's Elizabeth Saltzman. The panel is followed by a screening of Love Story (1970) with Almost Famous (2000) and The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) screened the following nights (May 15 and 16).

    Book soon, because with fans that span the gamut from Angelina Jolie to Michelle Obama, Michael Kors is the designer women love… And love to wear.

    For tickets visit hamyardhotel.com/michaelkors

    For more information on Icons of Style visit 

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