• Where to go

    Next up on the globetrotting contemporary art lover's calendar is Frieze New York (May 10-13). Next question for the globetrotting contemporary art lover who is planning to go to the fair is probably: "Where the heck am I going to stay?"

    Try the Conrad, downtown. It's sleek and smart, and you can gaze into the windows of Leonardo DiCaprio's brand-new Battery Park City condo (well, apparently) from its cool rooftop bar. It's also a treasure trove of fine art - more than 2,000 works in total. Just in case you don't get your fix at Frieze.

    The Conrad only became the Conrad a year or so ago. Two key features remain from its previous incarnation. There's the cathedral-like atrium, and there's "Loopy Doopy", the magnificent 100-by-80-foot "wall drawing" that the late Sol LeWitt created to adorn it. Though he was known as a coolly intellectual conceptualist, this joyous, squirming purple-on-blue jeu d'esprit proves he had a sense of humour as well.

    To which was added, when the property was revamped, an equally arresting installation, "Veil", by the Venezuelan architect Monica Ponce de Leon. Together they amount to one of the most impressive ensembles of hotel-lobby art (or, as they would call it at Frieze, "site-specific" art) in the city. They occupy a vast space without overwhelming it; they draw your gaze heavenwards in a way that's unusual in Manhattan, that doesn't leave you feeling hemmed in or overshadowed. It doesn't matter how much eye-candy you've feasted on at Frieze, you'll still want to pause and gobble up this luscious spectacle as you make your way across the acres of marble in the Conrad's lobby.


    Tel: 00 1 212 9450100

    Conrad New York, 102 North End Avenue, New York, NY 10282

  • What to read

    Top of the week's reading list has to be Here I Am, a biography of Tim Hetherington, war photographer and Vanity Fair contributor, who tragically died in 2011 while covering the Libyan Civil War.

    Written by Alan Huffman, the book charts Hetherington's brave life, recounts meetings with 'Black Diamond' a Liberian rebel who was in charge of a group of female fighters, alongside analyzing what it means to be a war reporter in the C21st.

    Hetherington's critical success includes winning various awards for his work and an Academy Award nomination for his documentary Restrepo, however the professional glory was not what drove him.  Instead Hetherington endlessly risked his life to tell the ugly truth about war, giving a voice to a people who lived in devastating conflict.

    Here I Am coincides with a major HBO documentary by Sebastian Junger about Tim Hetherington's life.


  • What to know

    Of all the compliments allotted to the looks department, the best is probably 'radiant'. "Ooh doesn't she look radiant", not only implies looking jolly nice, but that there's an inner je-ne-sais-quoi going on. A glow that's beyond skin deep.

    But after the traumatically hard winter, how the hell to get said radiance? Apparently the answer lies with 25 year old French beauty brand Anne Sémonin, whose tagline serendipitously reads, 'Radiance on prescription'.

    Brand Ambassador Julie Dumas explains that the key difference with Anne Sémonin products are a) they're entirely made-to-measure, (cause we all need different levels of help where radiance is concerned), with creams and oils mixed and matched via exciting lab-style bottles and natty pipettes. And b) the power of the products to deliver glowing results lies in the combination of potent essential oils and trace elements - that push the oils right to the heart of skin cells.

    The best way to get the most accurate 'prescription' and of course your very own key to radiance, is via an Anne Sémonin facial with Mademoiselle Dumas at MichaelJohn Medispa. This followed by a short lesson in the secrets of essential oils and how to apply the products, including self-lifting massage or forehead smoothing techniques.

    And then with a pannier full of products and a list of self-massage homework, we can all shine bright (like a diamond).


    Anne Sémonin offered all Vanity Fair A-List members the chance to win a 2 hour Anne Sémonin Discovery Experience at MichaelJohn Medispa Knightsbridge which includes a 90 minute Anne Sémonin Age Defying Cryotherapy Super Facial followed by a 30 minute session on the secrets of essential oils and the Anne Sémonin skincare routine by Brand Ambassador Julie Dumas. This prize also includes a selection of Anne Sémonin products including Express Radiance Ice Cubes, Exfoliating Mask, 100% Active Serum and Toning Apricot Kernel Oil (total prize worth £500). Don't miss out on future offers, sign up to the A-List.