• Where to go

    For a week this summer, SHOW Beauty - a collection of  hair styling products launched last year by the impressively-locked Tamara Ecclestone - is hosting a styling salon at Harrods Private Beauty Room, just off the main White Hall. 

    The point of this SHOW Beauty pop-up is that, unlike skincare or make-up counters, not much help, advice or make-over is usually offered when it comes to haircare.  SHOW Beauty aims to change that.  So under the direction of head stylist Alex Diedrichs, there will be dry blow dries, styling and insider advice about using the paraben and sulphate-free, vanilla scented products.   Eg. What's the correct way to use dry shampoo?  And what's the secret for keeping hair frizz-free on a muggy day? 

    SHOW Beauty will also be launching new mini-size Premiere Dry Shampoo and Premiere Finishing Spray - just the ticket for swanky beachside jaunts or keeping-up appearances at wash-out summer festivals. 

    Big, bouncy hair is not for everyone.  But for those seeking glamorous, glossy tresses, Harrods is always the place to be.

    SHOW Beauty at Harrods, 6th-12th July


    SHOW Beauty offers all Vanity Fair A-List subscribers the chance to win one complete selection of all eleven SHOW Beauty products (worth over £400).  SHOW Beauty also offers all Vanity Fair A-list subscribers a complimentary consultation and dry styling appointment at Harrods between 6th-12th July.  To book your consultation and enter this prize draw, send your details (name, address, telephone number, email) to rsvp@showbeauty.com and indicate your preferred consultation time, by 12pm on Friday 4th July.  Consultations are subject to availability.  Terms and conditions apply.

  • What to know

    There's no doubt that when it comes to sun, this is generation SPF.  

    The minute the sun shines we reach for numbered bottles purporting to protect us, clearly a response to the damage we now know the sun can inflict and in retaliation to the leathery tanning of our parents in the 70s. 

    But what if there was another option?  Jean-Noel Thorel, founder of Institut Esthederm certainly thinks so.  He believes that by slathering on SPF we aren't giving our skin the credit it deserves, or the chance to naturally adapt to its environment.  As Thorel explains, "…the cellular technology we use in our sunscreens helps to re-educate skin to adapt to the sun and neutralize its negative impact, while also stimulating our natural capacity for self-defence, which includes developing a tan." 

    Instead of an SPF, Institut Esthederm's suncare products are designed to encourage a tan, categorized according to four different levels of sun strength (from a warm day in spring to a holiday in the tropics).  There are products for those with ageing concerns, to prepare for sun exposure, and even reduce pigmentation spots while allowing even and safe tanning.  I'm a big fan of the Adaptasun Body Cream (but make sure you get the right strength otherwise you won't tan at all) and the brilliant Tan Enhancing Lotion that helps skin regain its water balance. 

    Institut Esthederm are products that keep a low-profile, they don't shout from billboards or swagger across screens. But they have a loyal cult following.  If the bottles happen to pop their heads from out of your beach bag, you may find fellow 'Esthedermers' whispering approvingly, "Yes… The magic creams". 



  • What to do

    When it comes to British flower shows, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is without doubt the pinnacle.  But it's also worth considering its fragrant, sassy sister - the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. 

    Set in the grounds of the part-Tudor, part-Baroque palace, the Royal Horticultural Society arranged show runs from 8th-13th July.  But there's also a chance to get in before the crowds at a Preview Evening on 7th July, to see the show gardens, the Rose & Floristry Marquee, turf sculptures or the intriguingly named RHS Invisible Garden (an exploration of what goes on in our gardens at microscopic level) with less green-fingered hustle.  Other perks include live music, fireworks and supping options including garden picnics or a lobster and champagne blow-out.  

    Unlike RHS Chelsea, many of the exhibitors sell their blooms throughout the show.  Which proves a bounteous bonus for impulsive, inspired gardeners. 

    RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 8th-13th July, Preview Evening 7th July 


    The RHS offers all Vanity Fair A-List subscribers the chance to win a pair of tickets to the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show Preview Evening on Monday 7th July.  To enter this prize draw, send your details (name, address, email, telephone number) to rhscompetition@fourcolmangetty.com by 12pm on Friday 27th June.  Terms and conditions apply. No under 16s will be admitted to the Preview.