• What to see

    Frocks and movies collide next month, when Icons of Style, a curated film series exploring the role of fashion in American film over three decades, takes place over three nights at Ham Yard Hotel's screening theatre in Soho.

    The series, a collaborative effort between Michael KorsVanity Fair and Fashion & Cinema, starts with a bang. The opening soiree on May 14 includes an on-stage discussion with Michael Kors, Ali MacGraw, Kate Hudson and Rene Russo led by Vanity Fair's Elizabeth Saltzman. The panel is followed by a screening of Love Story (1970) with Almost Famous (2000) and The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) screened the following nights (May 15 and 16).

    Book soon, because with fans that span the gamut from Angelina Jolie to Michelle Obama, Michael Kors is the designer women love… And love to wear.

    For tickets visit hamyardhotel.com/michaelkors

    For more information on Icons of Style visit 

    Vanity Fair offers all A-List subscribers the chance to enter a sweepstake to win a pair of tickets to the opening night of Icons of Style on 14th May, including a drinks reception at Ham Yard Hotel, followed by an on-stage conversation between Michael Kors and the lead Hollywood actresses of the three chosen films, followed by a screening of Love Story. Don't miss out on future offers, sign up to the A-List.

  • What to buy

    There are some glorious women who have a mysterious way of completely transforming themselves at night. 

    More of the same is my unsophisticated approach; including an extra long squirt of my day scent. But smelling Sisley's new  Soir d'Orient… Well wearing this scent in day light is just not an option. 

    It's one of the most exotic, enigmatic smells that demands to be worn in darkness, with no silly daytime distraction. Created by Sisley Vice President Isabelle d'Ornano, the first hit is a combination of Italian lemon and green Iranian Galbanum. But then a spicy cauldron of Moorish scent follows, inspired by the Alcazar palace in Andalusia; black pepper, Turkish rose, Egyptian geranium. 

    This is exactly the kind of transformative scent those mysterious women wear. It's a corker. Go to  Harrods and sniff it for yourself. And if you decide to buy a 100 ml bottle before April 15, the Sisley team will engrave it for you.


  • Where to go

    As the first swallows begin to appear on these shores, it would be nice to know exactly where they chose for their winter holiday.

    It's more than likely that some of the smarter birds plumped for Ellerman House, tucked away on Bantry Bay near Cape Town. Here they'd find the former home of Sir John and Lady Ellerman, now a discreet hotel with just 11 bedrooms, two suites, two sleek villas with swooping views to the ocean, a lush tiered garden full of indigenous plants and a cooling lap pool.

    They'd watch the humans tuck into delicious food made by chef Veronica using farmers' market organic fruit and vegetables and observe much tasting and swilling of endless bottles of South African wines stored in a giant corkscrew. The spectacular and ever-evolving art collection spanning the last 100 years, might be lost on the little feathery friends, but they'd certainly appreciate the hotel's 'Going Green' initiative, including the earthworm farms, though maybe for the wrong reasons.

    And when it was time to go back to England, the swallows would no doubt remember the exact coordinates of this wonderful, sunny spot for next year. Because Ellerman House is the kind of place that people return to. Swallows too.