• What to do

    Edible Cinema created by Soho House two years ago has now moved to BAFTA 195 Piccadilly. And this year's programme kicks off with Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet. (Any excuse to rewatch this brilliant film and re-live the teen angst all over again.)

    Instead of just two senses being stimulated, Edible Cinema aims to rouse all five.  Each guest is given a tray covered in numbered boxes which are to be opened at specific moments during the screening.  (This is announced via an usherette at the front of the theatre who holds up cards featuring the appropriate number.) 

    The boxes are filled with stuff to taste, smell and touch (including the 'tongue sandwich' for the lovers' first kiss) which have been magic-d up by Soho House chef Jake Rigby-Wilson, Bombay Sapphire mixologist Sean Ware and BAFTA head chef Anton Manganaro.  

    The cinema will be divided in half - Capulets on one side, Montagues on the other with appropriate Bombay Sapphire cocktails for each.  But the question is - who's brave enough to drink the vial of poison at the end? 

    Edible Cinema tickets; £37 each.  To book go to www.ediblecinema.co.uk 

    Edible Cinema offers all Vanity Fair A-List subscribers the chance to win a pair of tickets (worth £74) to see Romeo & Juliet at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly at 7pm on Saturday 3rd May.  To enter this prize draw send your details (name, address, email, telephone) to Ediblecinema@sohohouse.com by 12pm on Friday 25th April.  Terms and conditions apply.

  • What to buy

    Choosing new sunglasses is not just about jumping on the 'it' shape bandwagon (a mistake I've often made).  But working out the right fit for your face - with selfies, if you must. 

    The style that seems to universally flatter is the super-feminine 50s cat eye. The up-turned outer corners work like an instant face-lift.  But for this summer, Alexander McQueen's eyewear extracts the vintage essence but delivers a contemporary look with frames made of mixed metal and acetate, transparent with colour and matte with gloss. 

    Go for modern nostalgia; McQueen shades with a 50s high-waist bikini. And for the brave - a Grace Kelly inspired headscarf. 


  • What to eat

    It's the chocaholics best weekend of the year.  But for those who are sniffy about their cacao, it's about visiting new Soho chocolate shop SAID. 

    This 91 year old family-owned company has its mothership store in Rome but has recently opened their first space in London town. For hot chocolate lovers, this is it.  Choose milk, dark or hazelnut from the bubbling, churning vats behind the counter which is then delivered in an espresso cup. It's so thick your spoon can almost stand upright in it.  

    Alongside the hot choccie, there are jars filled with truffles, old-school milk bottles brimming with chocolate pearls and why not go all-out with a chocolate pizza, munched at the café tables beneath a wall plastered with metal chocolate moulds.  In this instance it's true… Italians do it better.

    SAID, 41 Broadwick Street, London W1F 9QL