What to know

After nearly 20 years working in the company that her grandmother Estée first created in 1946, Aerin Lauder has founded a new luxury beauty and lifestyle brand.

Called simply, Aerin, the first treats to emerge are of course beauty products.

You can tell immediately that the range has been conceived by a busy working mother, who wants to look great without spending hours faffing about her face.  The Fall Style Collection is divided into Weekday and Weekend palettes - a smart way to separate business and play as most people do with their wardrobes.  And in the Essentials Collections there are also time-saving dual-purpose products that work for both lip and cheek - or even as eye shadow. 

Each season a new colour collection will be launched, but don't expect anything extreme or fashiony. There'll be no yellow lipstick or hot pink eyeliner, because this is make-up that's about looking fresh and well ... just nice. (nice; a much underused word in my opinion).

The packaging is pretty in pink and gold, the make-up bags are Aerin's signature pink and white ikat print and all the products have a subtle whiff of rose.

However, these beauty products are just the beginning of Aerin's lifestyle brand, which will soon stretch to candles, fabric, table-top accessories, sunglasses, jewellery, shoes and... who knows maybe even clothes. 

PS The Rose Lip Conditioner is a winner.

Available exclusively at Harrods