Who to know

You never know what goes on behind closed doors. Particularly on a pretty tree-lined street in Notting Hill - you'd never guess that this is where one of London's top facialists, Una Brennan is hard at work.

My visit to see Brennan was a present from Laura Bailey, who has entrusted her skin to Una since 1999. Una had been giving facials in Ireland, her homeland, and then moved to London 13 years ago when she decided to transform her airy living room into a treatment room. She began with just one client who without fail came for a facial every month. Then as with all great things, word spread. Now it's a kick and scramble to get an appointment. But boy is it worth it.

Her facials are unlike any other I've experienced. There's no formula, no check-list, no going through the motions. With years of experience and the very best technology and products at hand, Una works instinctively giving each person who snuggles under her blankets exactly what their skin needs. "At a very basic level the skin needs water in the cells and to be able to breathe," says Una. "I use a special massage technique to lift, tone and transform sagging, dull skin whilst helping to eliminate waste from and oxygenate the tissues."

My facial included very thorough cleansing (was I a bit grubby?) with a buzzy Clarisonic machine, extraction (a little bit ouch), lifting massage and pumping lymph drainage, a placenta collagen sheet mask with freeze dried seaweed and also a freezing cold powerball of frozen enzymes. It was full-on. No strokey, strokey facial this one. But (not wanting to blow my own trumpet) it worked. My skin looked brighter and perkier. So thank you Laura.

Una Brennan - tel: 020 7313 9835