What to see

Last Tuesday night the Flaere Gallery on Cork Street was bursting at the seams with eager folk including Dougray Scott, Michael Gambon and Jeremy Clarkson all trying to look, read and congratulate photographer Tom Craig and Vanity Fair contributor A.A. Gill on their latest show.

The work is made up of highlights from the duo's assignments spanning four continents and eight years; from the glaciers of Greenland to a North Sea trawler to war torn Chad.

The photographs are accompanied by text; while Craig plays with light and composition, Gill plays with words and syntax. But all the while there is a sense of a relationship and ongoing conversation between photographer and writer. The experience for the reader/viewer is 'get two for the price of one'; not a collaboration but a personal story told twice.

The Bigger Picture - Photography by Tom Craig and writing by A.A. Gill

Flaere Gallery
28 Cork St

Tel: 020 7913 5715