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Next week, the World Land Trust sets all of us a challenge… to raise £100,000 in just 5 days. 

The charity, whose aim is to protect some of the world's most precious habitats, is throwing down the gauntlet to each and everyone one of us, during The Big Give Christmas challenge. If the public online donations reach that £100,000 tally by 9th December, then that figure will be matched by a combination of World Land Trust supporters (who have already pledged £50,000) and The Big Give who will match the public online donations.

And if that whopping amount of £200,000 is raised, it will be enough to buy and protect 2000 acres of pristine forest in critically threatened areas (including Ecuador, Guatemala, Colombia and Mexico), before land prices escalate any higher.

World Land Trust patron Sir David Attenborough says, "I have been immensely lucky that my professional work has taken me to all corners of the world where I have been able to see first hand some of the rarest and most spectacular wildlife on earth. But the fate of these creatures which share our planet lies entirely at the hands of mankind - it is within our power to protect them or watch them become extinct. Let us choose the first route."

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between 5-9 December and your donation will be matched

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Photograph: Jessica Stewart